Why Hammock Camping is Becoming so Popular

Why Hammock Camping is Becoming so Popular

Hammock camping is nothing new, in fact, people have used hammocks for sleeping for hundreds of years.  While tent camping has been a cornerstone of wilderness experiences for hikers and campers alike, it seems that more and more people are ditching their tents for hammocks these days.  Let's take a look at why hammocks are becoming so popular and how you may benefit from using one as well.


They are a Backpacker's Dream

Hammocks are lightweight, compact and easy to transport.  They take up minimal space, don't have a lot of bulky and heavy components, and it only takes a few minutes to get one set up on site.  This makes them the perfect option for backpackers or campers who are heading out on short trips in areas where inclement weather isn't a big concern. 


They Eliminate the Need for a Good Campsite

One of the biggest problems with tent camping is that you need to find a suitable site.  It needs to be conveniently located, situated on level ground that is as flat as possible and secluded enough to provide ample privacy and security.  In most cases, the ground will need to be cleared of debris before you can set up the tent as well. 


When it comes to hammocks, all you really need are two sturdy trees and a place to keep your gear safe and dry.  Consequently, people who use hammocks have more opportunities to be spontaneous and take advantage of opportunities that come their way.  Want to be next to a stream?  No problem.   Do you prefer a secluded patch of forest?  No problem.  Having this kind of flexibility allows you to choose an ideal spot without being limited to a few areas of suitable ground to pitch a tent. 


They Bring You Closer to Nature

When you're in a tent, you're closed off from your surroundings.  While this may not be a bad thing if you like the privacy and space that a tent provides, you may be missing out on some of the greatest benefits of camping.  Sleeping in a hammock allows you to be more exposed to beautiful views, starry nights, nice breezes and fresh air.  If you're worried about bugs, there are special nets that you can attach to the hammock, and it is also easy to adapt the hammock in order to stay just as warm as you would be in a tent as well.


They are Comfortable

When you are using the right hammock, and it's set up properly, chances are that you will experience a level of comfort that is far-superior compared to sleeping on the ground.  The hammock will support and distribute your body weight more evenly while gently rocking you to sleep.  You won't feel the contours of the ground digging into your body that is common when sleeping in a tent, and chance are that you will wake up feeling more refreshed and ready to face the challenges of the day.


While hammocks aren't ideal for every condition and environment, they can make life a lot easier out in the field.  Think of what you can do with all of that extra time and energy that would otherwise be spent preparing a campsite.  Consider how you can pack up and go knowing that you won't have to scout out another site when you want to take a break later. 


These are just a few reasons why people are making the switch to hammocks, and chances are that you will be won over once you give it a try as well.