Three Types of Lighting that are Ideal for Camping

Three Types of Lighting that are Ideal for Camping

Using the right type of lighting while camping can make everything from cooking to cleaning or reading easier once the sun goes down.  However, most lighting sources have limitations because they fulfill a specific purpose.  One way to ensure that you have all of your lighting needs met is to bring along more than one item.  Let's take a look at three products that should be a permanent fixture among camping and hiking gear.



Flashlights can be used for almost any reason in the field, and there is no shortage of options to choose from when shopping around.  Aside from personal preferences, try to find flashlights that are made for the outdoors.  Look for durable flashlights that can withstand a lot of abuse while also being efficient enough to produce a generous amount of light that doesn't drain batteries.  You may also want to consider getting one that is water-resistant, has an adjustable beam and is just the right size and weight for your needs. 



You don't need to find an old, kerosene-fueled lantern to generate suitable light.  In fact, many battery-operated or rechargeable products can be just as, if not more effective.  Lanterns are the ideal choice to illuminate areas within campsites or inside tents.  They can be hung or placed on a flat surface, and good products wont slip or roll away once you stop holding on to them.  Choose lanterns that provide the most light for the least amount of energy or fuel, and consider looking into products that have adjustable lighting options as well. 



Headlamps are an excellent choice for walking or working in the dark as they provide excellent directional lighting, but they also allow you to keep both of your hands free.  You can also find products that rival the power and efficiency of flashlights as well.  The trick is to choose headlamps that have adjustable bands, are lightweight and provide you with a comfortable and snug fit. 


While campfires, torches and fuel lanterns are all options to consider in their own right, they are also inherently-dangerous.  Bringing all three of these items with you will give you ample light with minimal risk.  You can also find products that are designed to be compact when stored and then expand when in use.  This will allow you to pack and transport them without needing a lot of space or carrying a lot of weight around.


So, the next time you're preparing for your next hiking or camping trip, consider adding these three lighting sources to your checklist.  You will end up with better lighting and less hassle once you get out in the field.