The Value of Baby Wipes in the Field

The Value of Baby Wipes in the Field

Baby wipes are some of the most practical and useful items to have on hand while backpacking or camping.  However, many people don't even think about bringing them along unless they have their children in tow.  Let's take a look at a few reasons why you should consider packing away a supply before you head out on your next trip.


Toilet Paper

Toilet paper is almost as important as food, shelter and water, and even the most experienced hikers and campers tend to cringe at the thought of running out while in the field.  The last thing anyone really wants is to be forced to use leaves, paper, grass, water or even their hands out of sheer desperation.  Toilet paper also becomes useless when wet, and going to the bathroom in the rain can be a risky proposition. 


However, using baby wipes instead can be a better option altogether.  They are strong, won't disintegrate when wet, and you will probably end up using fewer sheets because they do a better job of cleaning.  A package of wipes can easily replace a few rolls of toilet paper, and this can help you to stretch resources while also saving on space.



Wipes can be used for personal hygiene as well as for keeping your site as germ-free as possible.  They can also be used to clean equipment, gear and utensils.  Wipes can also help you to conserve water when supplies are scarce.  Finally, wipes can be used as an alternative to bathing, especially when it's cold outside and you don't want to strip down and jump into frigid water.


First Aid

If you don't have alcohol pads or some antiseptic, wipes can be used to clean minor wounds or chafed and irritated skin.  You can also rub them over the surrounding area in order to remove grime or oily residue from the skin so that bandages will adhere better.  They can also be used to clean your hands after administering first aid as well.


Sunburn Relief

Most baby wipes are gentle on the skin, and they also contain moisturizers.  This can help to protect burnt skin while also having a cooling effect when they are applied.  They also help to remove sticky oils and sweat residue which can trap heat and increase discomfort.


Take some time to think about other ways that wipes can come in handy the next time you're out in the field.  Chances are that you'll never leave home without them again once you see how valuable they can be.