Reasons Why You Should be Hiking With Your Dog


Reasons Why You Should be Hiking With Your Dog

Dogs are natural-born hikers, and they benefit just as much, if not more from being outdoors than their human counterparts.  From helping to regulate metabolism, honing the senses and burning off excess energy, a short hike a couple of times a week can work wonders on the health and well-being of your pooch.  Let's take a closer look at how you and your dog will benefit from spending time on the trails together.


Provides Stimulation

Dogs have a natural tendency to satisfy their curiosity and explore, and hiking provides them with world of stimulation, excitement and exercise.  While walks around the neighborhood are an important part of a dog's routine, getting out into unfamiliar territory with lots of places to jump, climb, run and sniff will help to hone their senses and satisfy their need to be active and engaged. 

Being in nature also helps dogs to avoid becoming bored while allowing them to burn off excess energy, and giving them this outlet can help to reduce unwanted outbursts at home or in the yard.  Dogs that have high levels of energy, are restless or prone to getting into trouble at home will most-likely be in their element on the trail. 


Extra Security

Dogs tend to be very alert and in-tune with their surroundings.  Since their sense of smell and hearing is  far greater than their human counterparts, they can detect threats or hazards long before we can.  Whether they alert to a dangerous animal or someone who may be lurking nearby, their ability to detect problems can give you time to react accordingly.  Additionally, unwanted encounters are far-less likely to occur if you have a dog with you since animals and people will be more reluctant to get too close out of fear of being attacked. 


More Fun and More Fitness for You

Aside from the physical and mental benefits of hiking, dogs add a whole new dimension of fun.  Their curiosity will lead you to discover places and things that you would probably overlook if you were alone.  Their playfulness will also cause you to burn more energy and improve your mental clarity as well.  All of this adds up to improving the quality of your hike and getting more out of the time that you spend on the trail.

These are just a few examples of limitless benefits that you and your dog can enjoy while hiking together.  Whether you are just heading out for an hour or two or planning a week-long adventure in the mountains, consider bringing your dog along.  Not only will the time spent together prove to be physically and mentally rewarding, but it can also deepen the bond that both of you share as well.