Reasons Why You Should Never Leave Home Without Duct Tape

Reasons Why You Should Never Leave Home Without Duct Tape

Duct tape is one of the most useful resources to have at your disposal while hiking or camping.  It is also very inexpensive and pretty easy to store as well.  Even if you don't bring a whole roll with you, you can wrap some strips around a lighter or flashlight handle as a way to save some space and still have some on hand.  Let's take a look at a few random examples to illustrate why duct tape should be at the top of your list of supplies and gear that you plan on bringing with you.



Duct tape can be useful when it comes to making all kinds of repairs.  It can patch holes and prevent tears from getting bigger.  It can help to seal seams that leak.  It can be used to repair boots if the soles separate from the rest of the material.  It can be used to join items together, plug leaky tubing and even provide some padding on handles of hand tools or a walking stick if blisters are a concern.  All in all, there are few things that duct tape can't handle out in the field, which is why it is such a valuable item to have with you.


First Aid

Duct tape can be used to create slings, bandage wounds, protect skin from blistering and to hold a splint together.  It can also be used as a way to compress a wound to control bleeding in cases when a tourniquet is not needed.  Duct tape can also remove slivers and stingers, protect the hands from chafing if you don't have gloves, and you can even improvise butterfly bandages with the material as well.



In an emergency, you can cut and fold strips of duct tape in order to make some extra cordage.  Maybe one of your lines on your camping hammock is broken, or you need to pull something.  Duct tape, especially if folded over itself, is surprisingly strong and can hold a lot of weight. 


Take a few minutes to think of other ways that you can use duct tape in the field, and you'll be surprised at how many potential problems can be solved with this amazing material.  You'll also be happy that you brought some with when you encounter a situation where you need to put it to good use.