Reasons Why You May Want to Leave Your Tent at Home

Reasons Why You May Want to Leave Your Tent at Home

Tents have been synonymous with camping and hiking since people started heading outdoors recreational purposes.  However, hammocks are becoming an increasingly popular alternative for a number of good reasons.   Let's take a look at how hammocks may be a better option for you the next time you head out on your next hike or camping trip.


Limited Options

When you camp with a tent, you basically have two options:  You can set up in an established campsite that is probably either full of other campers or degraded due to overuse, or you can scout out your own site a little bit off of the beaten path.  The first option may not be to everyone's liking simply because a crowded, run-down campsite can be, for lack of a better word, a bummer.  You want to be in the wilderness to enjoy nature, and the best way to get the most of the experience is by setting up camp in beautiful surroundings. 


Scouting your own site allows you to get closer to nature while also giving your more privacy and space to yourself.  However, there are many times when finding a good spot can be easier said than done.  You can spend the better part of an afternoon locating, clearing and then setting up a site that you will only use for a short time.  It also may not be as conveniently-located as you would prefer.  Even if you do find a good site, you still have to unpack your gear and set the tent up.


With a camping hammock, the wilderness is literally your playground.  You don't need to find a site because you don't need a site.  Find a couple of trees in a spot that you enjoy, hang the hammock, and you're good to go.


Hammocks Are Easier to Set Up

Tent-lovers will argue over this point to no end, but setting up a hammock is almost always far easier than putting together a tent—in most cases.  While there are very simple tents out there, and there are hammocks that have very complicated designs, hammocks will win in terms of simplicity the majority of the time. 


Think about coming off the trail tired and sore, and all you need to do is make a couple of ties to some trees, anchor a couple of lines into the ground and climb into your hammock for a well-deserved rest.  Now think of the alternative.  Taking out your tent gear, trying to assemble the pieces, putting the skin on and hammering the stakes before you can even think of getting inside to relax.  Which option would you prefer?


Hammocks May Help You Sleep Better

The other benefit to using a hammock is that our bodies are not pressed against hard and uneven ground.  No sleeping pad will completely eliminate the discomfort that most people will feel sooner or later after spending a couple of nights inside a tent.  While it is true that some people need more time than others to get used to sleeping in a hammock, once they do, many find it hard to go back to sleeping on the ground.  Imagine the difference between waking up and feeling rested as opposed to being interrupted all night long from tossing and turning.


Don't get me wrong, there is definitely a time and place to use a tent, and hammocks are not designed to replace tents.  Rather, they are a great way to enhance your wilderness experience by giving you more options, being easier to transport and carry, and taking only a couple of minutes to assemble or pack up. 


Learn more about hammock camping and give it a try.  See for yourself how this lightweight, portable and comfortable option can transform how you view spending time in the great outdoors.