Not Many People Talk About This One Benefit of Hammock Camping

Not Many People Talk About This One Benefit of Hammock Camping

Hammock camping has its benefits and drawbacks, and there is an endless debate as to which is the best option to use in the outdoors.  People often mention things like comfort, convenience, mobility and being able to accomplish more with less when they hammock camp.  People often talk about shelter, having more privacy and a greater sense of security while using tents.   


However, there is one need that all campers have in common that only hammock camping can provide automatically:  A place to sit.


Backpacker's Frustration

Backpackers have a limited amount of space to work with, and they can only carry so much weight safely and comfortably.  Consequently, a lot of thought needs to go into packing.  A lot of sacrifices need to be made in order to strike the right balance between being properly equipped and mobile at the same time.  Unfortunately, chairs are usually not items that backpackers can lug around, and people don't usually miss them until they are looking for a place to sit after a long day on the trail.


While they can sit on their pads or lean against their backpacks, the only other real choice is to lie down in a tent.  Bugs, an uneven surface, stones, debris and moisture can all contribute to the discomfort someone feels while sitting on the ground.  Sitting on large rocks, stumps or logs are also not always the most comfortable options as well.


However, hammock campers don't have this problem, because all they need to do is re-position themselves so that they are seated instead of being on their backs.  Granted, hammocks are not the perfect chairs.  However, they are the perfect solution for those who prefer to sit and relax instead of being tethered to the ground. 


Comfort and Roughing-It

Spending time in the great outdoors conjures up all sorts of images of roughing-it and making do without many of the creature comforts of home.  However, being able to unwind, relax and get a good night's sleep is also important.  Any experienced hiker or camper will tell you that their level of enjoyment, the overall quality of the trip and their ability to endure the stresses of being in the wilderness centers on getting proper rest. 


So, if you haven't used a camping hammock while backpacking, consider taking one with you on your next adventure.  Having a ready-made chair for relaxing and “taking it all in” can make all of the difference in the world in terms of how good you can feel along the way.