How to Make a Survival Necklace for Your Next Hike

How to Make a Survival Necklace for Your Next Hike

A survival necklace is great for carrying small items that you will frequently use while you're hiking.  It's also a great way to store valuables that you don't want to risk accidentally losing as well.  Let's take a look at how easy it is to make one for yourself, and chances are you will be wearing one when you head out on your next trip.



All you need is about 2 feet of cordage that you can loosely-tie around your neck.  Paracord works best, and it's the least irritating.  However, you can use any material you like as long as it is thin enough to feed through the eyelets of the items that you will be attaching.  The aim is to have the necklace dangle slightly over your chest so the items attached won't pose a safety hazard if they are too close to your neck. 


You also may need to adjust the size of the cordage depending on how many items you will be attaching.  Once you've cut the cordage to size, tie off one end in a knot to hold the items in place.  Start feeding the items through one by one until they fall to the knotted end.  When finished, tie off the other end until you're ready to put on the necklace.  When you put it on, consider securing it with an adjustable knot so you can fine-tune the length without having to keep tying and untying the cordage. 


What to Place on the Necklace

Try to choose items that you want easy access to as you hike, and feel free to make changes as necessary.  You may also want to consider attaching items that you don't want to accidentally lose on the trail as well.  The possibilities are endless, but the important thing to remember is that you want the necklace to be practical and useful.  Pocket knives, a bottle of sanitizer, your ID card, a small flashlight, waterproof pill bottle and a whistle are just a few items to consider. 


This is a great way to avoid losing small items, and you can keep your pockets empty in case you want to use them for carrying things that you stumble upon along the way.  You can also use the necklace to carry things that would otherwise get buried in your backpack.  That way, you don't have to stop and unpack everything when you're looking for that one, small accessory that you need at the time.


Try it for yourself, and chances are that you'll never go hiking without wearing a survival necklace again after you discover how convenient they are.