How to Enjoy Being Off-The-Grid While Camping With the Family

How to Enjoy Being Off-The-Grid While Camping With the Family

Getting unplugged from the digital universe is of the biggest challenges that families face while spending time in the outdoors.  However, pulling the plug doesn't have to be a difficult process.  Here are a few suggestions that can help to keep your family connected to each other instead of the virtual world you are trying to leave behind.



One way to wean everyone off of their phones is to involve them in the planning process.  Assign tasks to each person, have some meetings and put all of the pieces together as a family.  The more everyone is engaged will increase the chances that they will be excited about the upcoming trip.  They also get to take some ownership over their responsibilities and what activities they can enjoy. 


Keep 'em Engaged

It's not enough to plan days full of activities, the need to be activities that everyone enjoys.  This will cause them to become more engaged and in-tune with their surroundings instead of brooding over their level of boredom.  You'll be amazed at how quickly they will forget about their phones once they start playing games, exploring or helping to build and maintain the site. 

Camping is a lot of work, and if you delegate properly, you can shift a lot of the burden off of your shoulders while occupying your kids with meaningful and important tasks.  This will free you up to spend more time with them, and it will also allow them to become focused on their responsibilities instead of missing their phones.


Slow Down

Camping takes us into a completely-different environment than we're used to back home, but it also redefines the meaning of time.  In fact, people tend to struggle more with slowing down than they do with adapting to their new surroundings.  It may take a day or so before you and your family fully-adjust, but as time progresses, slowing down actually becomes enjoyable.  Help to promote this by filling hours with activities that keep everyone busy, but without having the need to rush. 


Turn off Data

Let kids spend some downtime playing on their phones, but turn off the data.  This will prevent them from getting lost in their social media news feeds or chats with their friends.  Encourage them to take pictures or videos during the day so they can pass their phones around and share them with everyone else.  This can help to soothe some of the withdrawal symptoms of being unplugged while also promoting some quality time as a family. 

Take some time to think of other ways that you can get your family more-focused on the trip instead of their phones.  The more options you have at your disposal can help to make the transition easier for everyone to handle.