How to Dry Out a Water Bladder the Easy Way

How to Dry Out a Water Bladder the Easy Way

Water bladders represent one of the greatest advancements in camping technology due to their convenience and practicality.  A good bladder can be much more efficient than using a canteen or container, and you can easily store more water while using less space at the same time.  However, water bladders also are more difficult to dry, and storing them with water inside is a recipe for disaster.  Let's take a look at a few things that you can do to make it drying them out as quick and hassle-free as possible.


Initial Draining

After you've cleaned and rinsed the bladder, hang it so that the hose dangles from the bottom.  Grab the end of the hose and give it a squeeze in order to allow water inside to drip out.  If you have a clothespin or a paperclip, you can gently place it over the hose to do the crimping for you.  Be patient and let the water drip out instead of squeezing, rolling, folding or tugging at the material. 


Drying Through the Opening

The reason you want to drain the water through the hose end is that water will get trapped and accumulate around the fill opening.  However, you can stick your fingers through this opening and use a wad of paper towels or some cloth to soak up any residual water inside.  You can also attach the material to the end of a wooden spoon, spatula or similar tool in order to get at some of the harder-to-reach areas.  While you can hang the bladder and allow it to air dry, soaking up as much residual water will help to protect the material from stretching or drying out from exposure to heat or the sun.


Hanging the Bladder

Take a plastic hangar, and break it at a point near to where it meets the handle.  Stick the side with the break into the bladder and slide it as far back as it will go.  This will create a support that will allow you to hang the bladder horizontally.  This will minimize stretching and expose more of the surface area to the air. 

Next, loosely-loop the hose around the hangar once or twice to keep it from dragging or becoming accidentally snagged on something. All you need to do now is hang the bladder in a cool, dry and shady place until it has completely dried.  When finished, pack it away and you're good to go. 

Try this technique for yourself during or after your next trip.  Chances are that you'll be able to dry your bladder faster while minimizing unnecessary wear and tear at the same time.