Benefits of Taking off Your Boots as Soon as You Get to Your Site

Benefits of Taking off Your Boots as Soon as You Get to Your Site

It's not uncommon to keep boots on long after returning to the site following a hike.  While many people will loosen them up, most don't take them off unless their feet are really hurting or they're ready to go to sleep.  Let's take a look at a few reasons why you may want to consider getting out of those boots as soon as you get back.


Clean and Dry the Boots

The sooner you can get out of your boots, the faster they can start to dry.  You don't have to wait until the end of the day before you put them next to the fire in order to start the drying process.  In fact, a lot of excess moisture will quickly evaporate once it exposed to the ambient air and sunlight.  While this won't get rid of all of the water, it will definitely speed up the process. 

Getting out of your boots as quickly as possible also allows you to fish out pebbles, prickly things and other small objects that got inside while you were hiking.  It also gives you the chance to clean the outside of your boots, and getting rid of dirt, mud and debris will help the boots to dry faster as well.


Inspect and Treat Foot Problems

The sooner you get out of your boots and socks, the faster you can let your feet breathe while you tend to minor injuries or blisters.  Additionally, much of our body heat escapes through the feet, and opening them up to the ambient air can help to cool us down while reducing perspiration in other places.  This can have a knock-on effect that helps to keep our clothing drier as well.


Psychological Boost

There's something satisfying about taking off boots and socks after a long day, and it usually signifies that it's time to relax and take it easy.  The sooner you get out of those boots, the faster you can start to unwind, soak your feet in a creek or simply put them up and spend some quality time in your camping hammock. 

These are just a few reasons to consider getting out of those boots as soon as possible the next time you're camping.  However, to truly enjoy the benefits, make sure that you pack an extra pair of shoes or sandals that you can wear around the site as your feet recover.  Try it for yourself, and chances are that you'll feel a lot more refreshed, relaxed and ready to celebrate the end of a long day in blissful comfort.