Benefits of Camping Hammocks Worth Thinking About

Benefits of Camping Hammocks Worth Thinking About

Camping hammocks continue to grow in popularity as people discover their benefits.  While it can take a couple of nights to get used to climbing in and out of them, many people never go back to sleeping on the ground due to the fact that they feel so rested when they wake up.  Here are a few other reasons why making the switch may not be such a bad idea.


Back and Body Support

Sleeping on a hammock is unlike anything else out there.  Even the most expensive mattresses that mold around the curves of the body to eliminate pressure spots and stiffness can't compare to the even distribution of weight that hammocks provide.  In terms of camping, hammocks provide the same support, and this can eliminate the need to spend long nights tossing and turning as you try to sleep on the cold, uneven and hard ground. 



You can bring a hammock almost anywhere, get it set up in minutes, and start rocking yourself to sleep after a long day hiking or wilderness exploration.  You don't need to spend a lot of time finding and then clearing an area in order to set up a tent.  All you need are a couple of trees for attaching the hammock, and you're good to go.  You can also pack up and be on your way in minutes when you're ready to move on. 


This versatility allows you to get closer to water sources, find places farther off-the-beaten path where you can have more privacy, and hammocks also help you to keep a lower profile.  This can translate into better security, easier access to resources in the field and the ability to have more sites to choose from.



Camping hammocks come in a wide-range of designs that include different features that can accommodate almost any wilderness experience.  They are also relatively inexpensive, and you can easily find a good hammock for less than a tent and good sleeping pad. 


Cleanup and Maintenance

Hammocks can be easier to clean and maintain than tents, and you can say goodbye to lugging around all of that hardware as well.  Forget about losing stakes or tent-strings, repairing eyelets or having to go through a lot of trouble to clean and dry out a hammock as you would with a tent.


While hammocks are not everyone's cup of tea, they are winning over a lot of seasoned and casual campers alike.  Maybe it's time to experience the difference for yourself.  Whether or not you're planning a short, light hike for a day or two, or an extended trip through challenging terrain and conditions, it won't take long to see why having a good camping hammock may be worth its weight in gold out in the field.