Basic Requirements for Hammock Camping: Know Before You Go

Basic Requirements for Hammock Camping:  Know Before You Go

Hammocks are quickly becoming the preferred way of sleeping in the outdoors.  They are comfortable,  easy to set up and take down, and they are pretty compact.  However, a lot of people don't realize that they need to add some accessories and set the hammocks up in a certain way in order to use them properly.  Let's take a quick look at what it takes in order to get the most out of your hammock camping experience.


Straps and Carabiners

Some hammocks will come with these items whereas others will not.  You need good straps to safely secure hammocks to trees.  You don't want to improvise with rope, fabric, wire, cordage or any other material as they can fail under the weight and cause the hammock to collapse.  Having quality carabiners is also important as they secure the hammock to the straps and allow it to sway without becoming tangled or placing undue strain on the material. 


Bug Netting

Since you are more-exposed to the elements in a hammock vs a tent, you need a good bug net to protect against being eaten alive while you're inside.  There are all kinds of netting products out there to choose from, and it's important to obtain one that is the right fit for your hammock and overall setup.  It's also important that the netting is durable enough to withstand common stresses and abuses associated with being in the outdoors.



This is something that many people overlook until they get set up for the first time.  Underlayment can provide some extra support and offset sagging, and it also helps to insulate you from cool breezes that can chill you as you sleep.  You can use anything from an extra blanket to a sleeping pad or some customized padding that is designed to fit perfectly inside the hammock. 


Rain Tarps

Rain tarps are made with lightweight and compact material that you drape over the ridge line in order to protect against rain as you sleep.  There are a number of different ways that you can set up your rain tarp based on the conditions you are experiencing,.  The important thing is to choose one that is big enough for your setup and made from material that is fast-drying.


Finally, make sure that you don't skimp on quality for the sake of savings as poorly-made accessories may end up costing you more money in the long-run.  Learn more about these basic essentials, as well as other accessories, that can dramatically-enhance your hammock camping experience.