4 Simple Camp Cooking Tricks for Everyone to Enjoy

4 Simple Camp Cooking Tricks for Everyone to Enjoy
Campsite cooking requires a bit of adaptation compared to how we're used to doing things at home.  Sometimes even simple things like making a cup of coffee or mixing pancake batter can be a challenge on-site.  Finding ways to simplify the process can save you time and effort while enabling you to have more opportunities to relax and enjoy yourself.  Let's take a look at four simple things that can make a big difference the next time you're camping or hiking.
Making Coffee
The most popular coffee-making trick is to measure and place grounds into individual packets.  Simply add the grounds to the center of a small coffee filter or tea bag before lifting and tying the sides together with some string.  Plop the packet into your cup of hot water, let it steep for a couple of minutes, and remove it when you're ready to drink.  This technique is so effective that you'll probably never have to brew coffee over a fire again.
Opening Cans
You don't have to risk getting cut by using your survival knife to open a can if you accidentally leave your can opener at home.  Instead, cup the bottom of the can in your hand, flip it over so the top is facing down, and firmly grind it against a concrete surface.  The friction will cut through the lid like butter, and all you need to do is give the can a good squeeze in order to have it pop right off in most cases.  Use your knife to pry any corners that may be difficult to rub open, and you're good to go.
Pancake Mix On-Demand
If you're looking for an easy, mess-free way to make pancakes, clean, rinse and dry an empty squeeze-bottle.  Measure in the desired amount of mix and put the lid back on.  When you're ready to make pancakes, just add the appropriate amount of water, give it a vigorous shake, and squeeze away.  The batter will ooze out of the opening, and you can make the perfect-sized pancakes every time.
Foil Plates and Bowls
If you're running short of plates or bowls, you can make some in a matter of seconds with a little bit of aluminum foil.  Take a sheet and wrap it around the bottom half of a large can, adding a couple of layers or folds as necessary in order to cover any holes and make it more sturdy.  Give it a good squeeze, gently pull it off of the can, and fold in the edges.  You can make plates by using a Frisbee and  following the same steps.  You can also use a bowl or plate as a mold as well.  While foil may not be the most durable option, it can be useful for light meals that don't require a lot of cooking.
Try these for yourself, and think of other ways that you can make campsite cooking more-efficient.  The more tricks you have at your disposal will translate into less prep and cleanup time, and you can save some space and weight along the way as well.